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PreTournament view on KaSUGI Team Chess Championship-Under17

It's been a long time since i publish posts in this blog and today i would like to give my pre tournament view for KaSUGI Team Chess Championship Junior(Under17 only.SMSains Kuala Selangor is the first seeded team with avg rating of 1785 will be tested by Selangor Generasi-10,Chung Ling HighSchool,Penang Junior A and Undefined Fc for the Junior U17 title. On board 1 as of the list from stonemaster site,Nur Nabila from Selangor Generasi-10 and Irfan Haqqim from SMSains Selangor will set off to gather full points of the 8 games.Other notable players on board 1 is Faizal Roslan from Undefined Fc,Png Ren Chi from Chung Ling High School,Ooi Zhi Yang from Penang Junior A and Tan Jung Feng from Smk Aminuddin Baki will prove themselves worthy of accepting task for the stern battle on board 1. As for board 2,Nur Najiha from SMSains Selangor will be challenged by Fikri Saleh from Undefined FcWong Hao from Chung Ling HighSchool,William Lee of Penang Junior A,Cheong Jie Yao from Selangor Generasi -10 and Fairuz Hamizah of Kedah Jaffolea Jr.The battle amongst board 2 players favours Nur Najiha and Fikri to score 8 out of 8 for their respective team. Board3 favourites to score full points will be Aziz Farhanfrom Undefined Fc and Ethan Wongof Selangor Generasi-10.But there may be challenges set fromOoi Boon Hai from Chung Ling HighSchool,Anis Fariha from SM Sains Selangor and Sirajuddin of Kedah Jaffolea Jr.This board battle is between points collecter of each team. The favourites to gain all of the points for board 4 will be the battle between Daniel Iskandar of Undefined Fc,Iskandar Danial Adam of Selangor Generasi-10 and Noor Azam of SMSains Kuala Selangor.Besides them,there might be outside challenge by Lim Win Sen of Penang Junior A. This is just my pre tournament view on board analysis.Well,my favourites for Under 17 champion will be either Selangor Generasi-10,Sm Sains Selangor or Undefined Fc
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